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Mountains attract us. There are times when we can be happy in the valleys, on the plains, and resting on the plateaus. However, something inside us desires to climb to the top of the peaks for that epic view.

You know you can achieve more in your own life, but getting there feels BIG and HEAVY.

You have been successful helping loved ones reach new heights, investing all your energy in their summits.

Despite your efforts on behalf of others, you frequently enter the valley of despair, cross the plains of hopelessness, and regularly sit stuck on the plateaus.

Something needs to change!

You are ready to reach that top peak too. You are ready to climb. And deep down, you know that getting there will exponentially bless your family.


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Kathy Gilbert

Hi, I'm Kathy!

For a long time I tried to live my life to the best of my ability, and at the same time I would beat myself up for not doing it better.

I felt ordinary, weary, and limited.

I was stuck in a non-changing pattern of life and personal behavior. I struggled to move forward.

I had done a few things, but I always felt like there was more.

I wanted to set goals for myself, and accomplish them, I just didn’t know how to get started. It felt like I had plateaued.

Overwhelmed, and feeling stuck and paralyzed by the events taking place in my life, I took an Eternal Warriors training course through Life Changing Services–and it changed my life!

I moved from a place of fear, despair, and heartache to embrace joy, peace, and most of all HOPE.

I had energy! I had motivation!

And best of all, I knew how to shut down the negative voices in my head telling me I couldn’t do great things!

I learned who my true enemy was, I learned to conquer my own daily battles, and I learned to do it all with the Savior by my side.

It helped me so much, I wanted to share it with every woman I knew! So I became a Certified Eternal Warriors Mentor.

Let me show you how Eternal Warriors can change YOUR life!

It's Time To

Invest in Yourself

I help women struggling with hopelessness and weariness find purpose and take the next steps in their life by empowering them with tools and strategies to truly understand -- you cannot help those you love without first strengthening YOU.


Mondays:  8:30-9:30am (Eastern Time)

Mondays: 10:00-11:00am (Eastern Time)

Wednesdays: 2:00pm – 3:00pm (Eastern Time) 

Other times available on request

REGISTER HERE FOR MY ETERNAL WARRIORS CLASS TODAY (be sure to choose me, Kathy Gilbert).

Investment: $50 registration fee (includes workbook and online portal) plus $150/mo. per person, cancel anytime. Live (Zoom) class. OPEN ENROLLMENT

What real People Have Said...


I've always known there are 2 forces in the world, good and evil. I'm so thankful to Kathy for sharing the Eternal Warriors program with me. It reminded me of the good in me, who I am, and who I belong to. It has given me the skills and tools I need to fight the evil one, live life on purpose, and find joy in every day.
Testimonial from Pam
I'm so grateful Kathy introduced me to the eternal warriors program. I was at a point in my life where the fear of the future had stolen my joy of life. I was also struggling to love myself. But I realized those thoughts in my head about myself & the future were not my own. This program, my wonderful mentor and my Savior have taught me that I am a warrior. I am capable of facing whatever will come with my Savior's help. I can now recognize when Satan is trying to bring me down and I know how to push him out of my life. I am forever grateful for these tools that have changed my life and will bless the lives of my children as well.
Testimonial by Savannah
Kathy has been an inspiration to us in our journey to become who we would like to be. She is understanding and patient as we learn. She knows her information well and presents it in a very loving way. We have gained a greater understanding of the battle we each fight with Satan and now have wonderful tools to work with in our fight against him.
Max and Patti in front of temple
Patti & Max
Five years ago my sweetheart went home. I was left alone. I became depressed, until Kathy called and invited me to an Eternal Warriors class. I learned to set goals, read, and write in a daily journal. These few changes gave me a new daily purpose. I am taking the class for the second time.

Kathy's Thoughts

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