Getting rid of the negative voices in my head, swamp land

Getting Rid of Those Negative Voices in Your Head

Swamps are often thought of as godforsaken places, infested with poisonous creatures, curses and diseases, all of which can drag you beneath the still black water or cause you to wander lost in the swamp forever.

No man or woman would enter these miserable circumstances willingly.

However, my soul enters the swamp land often.

It is the place where I go to secretly hide in silence and self-judgement. It is the place where, “I am never good enough to dare greatly”.  It is a place where I will never let myself succeed.  Here in the swamp, I am the mistake, I am the mess. 

Drifting about in the murky water I conclude my actions determine who I am, and I get stuck in the quagmire of pain, addictive behaviors, and other coping mechanisms. Here the curse of the “I am” language disempowers me.

Where is the swamp land of your soul?

Why do you go there?

What do you gain from going there? 

How do you get out?

Finding your way out can be precarious.

In quicksand the more you struggle the quicker you sink, but a quagmire found in the swamp land will not swallow you whole, it will hinder and pin you in place!  You can easily get stuck and depending on how deep it is, your movement forward will significantly be impaired.

Getting rid of the negative voices in my head, alligators in swamp

The biggest danger when stuck in a quagmire is exposure to feelings of loneliness, sadness, and overwhelming stress that make you a standing target for predators creeping and stalking about.

The swamp is a breeding ground infested with the “forget it” brainless conversation!  “Forget it, it is too hard, forget it, I don’t care, forget it, things will never change, forget it, it doesn’t matter and forget it, I will never be free.”  

This kind of exposure in the swamp will not kill you necessarily, but it will weaken your ability to break free.


I found my way out of the godforsaken, remote, miserable, and precarious circumstances of the swamp land. The “I am” curse no longer can disempower me.  “I am” a survivalist, and I can teach you how to escape the swamps and quagmires of life.

Here are some steps to take to actively be prepared and increase your chances to survive the “I am” swamp land of your soul: 

Step 1:   NOTICE IT.  Something is off.

This can be the hardest part of avoiding the swamps and quagmires. NOTICE your feelings. We tend to ignore feelings and they sneak up on us and in a matter of seconds we will find ourselves entering the miserable circumstances of the swamp land. If you are struggling with noticing when a mood has shifted, it may be helpful to study and practice step 2, NAMING IT in advance can help you NOTICE IT when it happens.

Example: I have an uneasy feeling in my gut or heart that something is not right. I am having a hard time being focused and feeling alert or I feel the need to waste time or take a break.

Step 2:   NAME IT.  Search for the name of the negative emotion. 

The feeling must be named. Most of the emotions we experience are a combination of emotions. Example: A common attraction to the swamp land is the feeling of “You are never going to get it done”.  “I am not enough”, “There isn’t enough time,” and “no one understands how much I have to do and how long it’s going to take”. Fear has turned into overwhelm. The more legitimate you find the feelings the more likely you are to drift about in the murky waters of the swamp. STOP giving the swamp land attention. Just NAME IT and FLIP IT!

Step 3:   FLIP IT.  Find a word that would identify the opposite of the negative feeling. 

One of the mistakes we make is the idea of getting away from a negative mood. Stopping a negative mood just leaves a void or a vacuum, which must be filled. Be proactive, choose the mood/feeling you want to have instead.  Example: “I want to feel focused, confident, and patient.”  You will feel this is not true at first. You will need to practice feeling or acting “as if” it was true.

Step 4:   FIND IT.  Create some memorized declarations/affirmations from principles you value.

Write you own power declarations and review them over and over. Build a new neuro pathway!  Example: “My self-worth does not come from appearances, accomplishments, or the opinions of others, but from the infinite love of Gods atonement.  I have a place within His heart.”

With practice, you will have the entire declaration of thought and feelings flood over your body in a matter of minutes. 

The “I AM” curse can be broken, and you can escape the precarious circumstances of the swamp land. I believe the “I AM” language statement is one of the most powerful statements we can make. There is hope and peace in knowing and feeling who you are.  

Stop the brainless conversations that tell you to “forget It”.  

Stop drifting about in the murky waters of the swamp and feeling stuck in the quagmires of life.  

Like Dragons Did They Fight Book Cover

As an Eternal Warrior Life Coach, I can help you effectively practice SEEING IT, NAMING IT, and TAMING IT!  Book your complimentary coaching session with me HERE.

If you would like to read more about the principles I teach, download a free eBook copy of “Like Dragons Did They Fight” by clicking HERE


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