Wallowing In My Yesterday’s and Tomorrow’s

Wallowing in things that happened yesterday and in things that might happen tomorrow can be a mire of wet, soggy, slimy mud, creating messy conditions for everyday living.

I used to wallow in the mud of yesterday looking for nutritional content. I used to wallow in tomorrow’s mire of worry and discontent over things that might happen to keep me from soaring like the eagles.

But then I realized I was living a pig’s life. Oink, oink! I was rolling around in an ungainly manner day after day. I was continually distracted by my yesterdays and my tomorrows. It was an appalling waste of energy disempowering my ability to recognize my purpose for TODAY.

Wallowing in the mire was one of the most shocking discoveries of my life. I had been tricked, deceived into living yesterday and tomorrow in a “piggy” messy way giving no thought for TODAY.

I escaped my wallowing by using four simple tools.  The first tool, DISCOVER, helped me to focus.  My focus had been so much on yesterday and tomorrow that I had failed to recognize the remarkable potential of living TODAY with purpose. DISCOVER helped me to consider different ways that I could ACT.  I had “wallowed in the mire” for the last time.

Living “TODAY” required a purposeful PLAN, which is the second tool I use.  That plan helps me to organize how I will use the third tool, which is to ACT on the plan that I’ve created. 

The fourth and final tool that I utilize is to REFLECT on how my actions played out and consider some additional options that I could pursue. 

This four-step process helps me to stay on purpose TODAY! I cannot live YESTERDAY over. I cannot control what TOMORROW might bring, but I can control what happens right now, TODAY!

I know how to cast out the YESTERDAYS” and the TOMORROWS” and live for TODAY” through purposeful living. Satan is the one who desires the swine’s life, not me. He desires to deprive me of acting upon my circumstances right now. I gain power over him and over a “piggy” way of life when I am living on purpose now, TODAY!

As an ETERNAL WARRIOR LIFE COACH, I can assist you in doing things ON PURPOSE each day. I can help you remember who you are TODAY, not who you were yesterday or what you might not be tomorrow. I can help you focus on learning to FIGHT and never give up ON PURPOSE! You too can DISCOVER, PLAN, ACT, and REFLECT. 

Take my 5 – Day Challenge HERE and then schedule a complimentary coaching session with me HERE.  I will introduce you to three target daily behaviors to increase your efforts to live with purpose on purpose now, TODAY.

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